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Wrinkles themselves are invisible to the human eye. What you see is the shadow created by the uneven contours of the skin caused by the underlying wrinkle. The key to a youthful face is to minimize these shadows and to smooth transitions on the face. *Dr. is an expert in nonsurgical facial aesthetics and he uses dermal fillers in combination with other treatments to improve facial proportions, correct age related volume loss, soften facial lines and wrinkles. The goal is improved facial harmony, a more youthful and energized appearance to the face. 

Dr. is an expert in facial aesthetics. He uses advanced techniques based on years of experience and may inject areas on the face not typically injected by the amateur or untrained injector.


List of areas we may address with fillers:

- Lips and perioral lines (lipstick lines, upper lip lines)

- Corners of mouth 

- Marionette lines 

- Nasolabial folds 

- Cheeks/Midface 

- Jawline 

- Prejowl 

- Temples 

- Undereyes 

- Frown lines

- Forehead lines

- Neck lines 

*Service not available at the moment but will be re-open soon.

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