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Electrotherapy machines, the stimulation of the muscle by the electrical current creates a significant energy demand on the muscles so surrounding fat cells are burned for energy. They also claim that the stimulation agitates the fat cells causing release of toxins and reduction of cellulite. In addition, the deep muscle stimulation may help tighten and tone the skin and improve circulation.


In XtremeBeauty Center, we use the latest professional electrotherapy equipments, in order to obtain fast and visible results in slimming and cellulite reduction. The "Professional Combo" and the "Professional  12 Pads" are part of the line of electrotherapy . They are made up of 12  electrodes that send electric impulses to the muscles.  Due to the high number of electrodes that send electric impulses to the muscles. Due to the high number of electrodes, the treatment can be applied to several body areas at the same time.


The devices are completely computerized and have 5 programs:

1. Toning

2. Fast slim down

3. Lymphatic drainage

4. Localized  fat

5. Cellulite


Treatment description

electrodes are applied on the body areas to be treated; the high number of electrodes allows us to treat several areas at the same time which facilitates the process of obtaining amazing effects in the case of persons with a more significant fat surplus. The procedure can be benefic also for persons who do not have very extended "problem-areas", and who can concentrate a higher number of electrodes on the same area, visibly increasing the slimming speed. For example, for a person that has a lot of body fat on the thighs the treatment can focus on that area, working every portion; thus, the centimeters reduction will be immediately visible.


The stimulating electrotherapy session lasts 35 minutes during which the muscles are contracted at several intensities; the advanced technology of our equipment uses a new type of electricity which will make possible to obtain visible results without experiencing even the slightest sensation of discomfort or pain that you might have felt when using this type of equipments in other occasions.


Before beginning any treatment, the patient will be measured, weighed and then we will perform an analysis of the body fat in order to keep a record of her/ his evolution.


The first visible results will be noticeable at the latest after the 3rd electrotherapy session, but after 10 sessions one can speak of a remarkable slim, the patient losing at least one size in clothes.


After a treatment of approximately 10 sessions the effect obtained is similar to that of a liposuction.


The only amendment is that this treatment must be followed continuously, without any breaks, at a frequency of minimum 3 sessions a week.



The effects of the stimulating electrotherapy sessions



the advantage of electrotherapy is one of extremely high importance for all persons who desire to lose weight. That is because, using a classical slimming method like the diet, the reduction is not only much slower, but also less convenient in the sense that one first loses weight from the areas that are not a priority (or one does not even want to reduce) : face, shoulders, breast.


Thus, a body reshaping treatment followed in our centre presents the advantage that slimming occurs in the body areas where it is necessary, creating a balance between the surplus areas and the ones that do not need to be remodeled. Thus you get a much more attractive physical appearance, the reduction of differences taking to better defined shapes and to an incredible figure.

Each session may last 15,to 35.



Through an intensive and rigorous stimulation of the muscles a powerful body lifting effect is obtained, helping the skin tone, thus radically improving the physical appearance. This type of treatment can be followed by persons without a fat surplus, but with a flabby skin (due either to the ageing of the body, or to a build of this type), as well as by persons who have lost weight rapidly, without any kind of workout. 

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