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We do a revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a smoother look. Perfect treatment for quickly rejuvenating your skin and correcting fine lines, stretchmarks, acne scarring and other imperfections, all with very little impact to your routine.


Most patients need between 3 and 6 treatments spaced out weeks apart depending on the area to see optimal results. You will enjoy the benefits for years to come. In our free initial consultation, you are personally evaluated and your individual case is discussed in detail.


This procedure is quick and simple. You will need approximately 60 minutes in our Spa to allow time for pre procedure pictures, the application of our special products and the rest of the treatment. You can resume to their daily activities immediately although they can expect to be red and mildly swollen for up to a week.


The post care includes the avoidance of direct sun with the daily use of sunscreen to avoid any hyper pigmentation.

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