XTREMEBEAUTY CENTER will provide to you #1 NON SURGICAL ANTIAGING TREATMENT (non-invasive) to help you look and feel younger. This treatment offers immediate skin lifting and renewal. Includes the use of ampoules, creams, exfoliation products for renewed cellular activity followed by a massages and a face-lift mask. Hollywood Cosmetic Face Lift.


Look 10 to 20 years younger with 6 treatments.


This rejuvenating program consists of the following components:

Analysis of the skin, basic facial, Micro current rejuvenation techniques on facial skin and muscles.


*This technique is safe and does not change the structure of the face.


*When you buy this SUPER PROMO you know that the Spa is close because Covid-19. You accept to get this service after we open our doors again.


***Promo apply Non-Returned & Non-Refundable Policy